jayam heavy lifters

Cranes & Earth Movers for Hire


We are the company, which owns and supplies, Mobile Telescopic, Crawler and hydra cranes, since 1985.We are specialized in erection ,Fabrication, mantling, dismantling [ Bridge and Road works...], also in Loading and Unloading in shipyards, using telescopic, Crawler and hydra cranes. We have all India work experience. We provide cost effective, timely and customer oriented service.Our valuable customers include L&T, BHEL, Chettinad Cements, and Rane to name a few.Moreover, we have vast working experience in State and Central Government projects, such as working for Indian Railways, BHEL and Karnataka State's drinking water pipe laying project and underground drainage pipe laying project for the Bangalore city.We also provide mechanical repair services and also offer technical assistance for buying and selling of cranes at an affordable cost.

We are mainely concentrate in:

  • New Generation Cranes
  • Hydra Cranes
  • Crawler Cranes
  • Mobile Telescopic Cranes
  • Earth Movers
  • Labour Contract
  • Crane Machine Mechanical

Demolition Operative

If you have a head for heights, and would like a job taking down buildings safely, this could be ideal for you. As a demolition operative you would demolish or dismantle old and derelict structures or buildings. In this job you would need to be physically fit. You would need to have construction knowledge. You would also need to work well in a team.

Demolition Work

As a demolition operative, you can work in one of the following roles: There aren't any specific entry requirements to get into this job, but you may have an advantage if you have some experience in construction. You may be able to get into this job through an Apprenticeship scheme.